Knowledge Library

This is where we put all the tasty little tips, tricks, hacks and cracks we find in and around the netz. It is unorganized, I know, however, as the list grows so will the organization. Original sources are provided when applicable.

Host File Modification

"Trick" your computer by manually setting the IP address for a website and telling it where to go to find a website.

Free DynDNS Accounts

Need free DNS? This tutorial will show you how to get one.

Friends, Family and Google Voice

This tutorial will explain the process of combining Verizon's Friends And Family feature with your Google Voice number to make magic happen.

English Words Ending With "-ating (8ing)"

A handy guide to use when searching for that perfect 8ING Subdomain.


A nifty little chart we cobbled together from various sources.

Default Password List

A handy-dandy list of over 1200 device passwords for all major, minor and obscure brands, from all over the world.