The Story of Devi8ing


The Story

Devi8ing began operating in 2003 as one, single page (the contents of which are all but a hazy, incomprehensible memory) on the fledgling 8ing Network, and since that time we have grown to the largest, and longest running, site on The Network. Devi8ing provides us a place to express our opinions, thoughts and ideas, and to showcase all the interesting, disturbing, fascinating and socially unacceptable items we find around the internet.

Since 2003 Devi8ing has been almost everything from a simple, cheap web portal to a fully functioning blog. It was even forum for a short time. It has been in the last several years, however, that we have done some serious work on Devi8ing, including adding more content and functionality. We have even delegated some responsibility to a small staff, which has allowed us to concentrate on other projects.

As long as we have Devi8ing to play with, there will always be something new and fresh about it, and there are no plans to ever pull the plug, in the near, or far future, not even after we are long gone and buried...

...not if we can help it!

The Mission...

...has, is, and always will be to bring you the best mankind has to offer, celebrating the "Dark Side of the Human Experience"; from Christianity to Atheism, Democracy to Fascism, Life and Death and everything in between. We also provide a wide variety of fun, enlightening and entertaining content. From news, music, and digital books to scripts, code, and even a few Wiki Weapons, there is a little bit of something for everybody.

On occasion, Devi8ing will post satire, when we do we use invented names, save for those stories where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. And remember, the First Amendment protects satire as a form of free speech and expression!!

Oh, yeah, media inquiries are fine, however, PR Pitches will be ignored and your email sold to the porn industry.

The Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Rick Smalls

Senior Editor/Senior Administrator: Naes Gnorts

Senior Editor/Senior Technical Support Administrator: Marvin Chubs

Contributing Editor/Human Resources Director: Heidi Wilhelm

Contributing Editor/Media and Public Relations Director: Ginger Love

Contributing Editor/Asset Management Administrator: Willy Spitz